Why Get an Extra Set of Car Keys Would Make Your Life Easier?

»Posted on Mar 14, 2015 in Cars Safety

Why Get an Extra Set of Car Keys Would Make Your Life Easier?

There are many dread things could happen to us each day when it comes to your lovely car. No matter how hard try to avoid it, it always seems like people always got locked themselves out of car but sadly with keys in. We may not even realize when we do it and just go through our normal daily routine and forget to take the car keys out of the ignition or whatsoever. Some of you may have a good brain and never forgot such things, just because you need your keys to lock your doors, but for most people like myself, we have to lock them from the inside and shut the door. Sure we could get out of the car, put the key in the lock and be going fine with it, but it’s much simpler to just slide the lock in the inside instead, at least for myself. Though this can be a common problem, below I have a simple solution that can save everyone the hassle of having to deal with this awkward situation and set it for for by doing once.Replacement-Car-Keys

Now, you’re probably already guessed what a wonderful idea I have come up with and solve the problem. Well that is simple really I just made an extra set of keys and placed them in a box that can be hid underneath my car. You can buy the boxes to hold your spare set of car keys at your desired place. It has a strong magnet on the back of them and you can stick them anywhere on your vehicle without any problems. So, the next time you lock yourself out of your car(and I bet this won’t happen again) you can just get your spare set of keys and be on your way again!

This little trick not only makes your life easier, also allows you to have a peace of mind due to your busy working all day or other boring events overwhelmed you. The best part of having a new set of keys made is that they are brand new. This will make it easier to slide the keys in and out of your locks and eliminate the problem like the one I had where my key would got stuck in the ignition, because of wear and tear. Shit happens!

It’s also the best way to prevent you lost your original set keys and so can quickly use this new set instead got trouble in this situation. Just make sure to test the new set of keys several times to be 100% sure that they were cut properly and perfectly. If it ends up that they were not cut properly all you have to do is return them to the store or workshop and let the locksmith re-cut it for you without more charges.

Post written by West Palm Beach locksmith.

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Lighting and Landscaping for Home Security

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Lighting and Landscaping for Home Security

Using lighting and landscaping for home security is a great way to deter thieves and burglars. This is a list I’ve compiled for using landscaping and lighting to your advantage as a home owner for extra security. You can always preform a lock change to secure a front door but use these tips and techniques to use lighting and landscaping for home security.

Solar Powered Flood Lights

One of the greatest security inventions of all time, the sola
r powered flood light should be included, Pack-of-2-Solar-Powered-Flood-Light-with-PIR-Movement-Detector_700_600_4T7EJallowing you to place them anywhere in your yard. As long as they get direct sunlight for 4-6 hours a day, then they will last bright for all night. Some models com
e with a long cord that attaches to a solar panel, which allowing you added mobility and extra power when installing your lighting security system.

Planting for Protection

A common idea is planting plants and hope that thinning out overgrowth plants will deter burglars. While this is partly true but in that overgrowth status this method is not the best choice because it can conceal thieves too.

Some pets or evil guys just scream about these scary plants.

Some pets or evil guys just scream about these scary plants.

The other commonly done way is that planting sharp or impassible bushes around your house can deter thieves from entering. There are numerous species of clustering plants that also create an impassible barricade like bamboo. You can easily create your own house fence with online tips or even some Youtube videos, just search for that.

Solar Powered Motion Detectors Installed By Locksmith

A good way to check on your yard when you’re away from home is to install driveway alarms and motion detectors. These alarms alert the unwanted occupants of the house or cars rush in the driveway. Install a solar powered detector is very easy thing to do. Just hide it in the ground near the driveway entrance, plug in the receiver indoors and your ready to go, you can read the manual instructions for more details. You can easily set the detector avoid false alarm from your naughty kids or pets.

you can see the video below to get 21 more tips about home security


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Easy Safety Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Person or Belongings at Home

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Easy Safety Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Person or Belongings at Home

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics displays the results of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) on their website. The NCVS (one of the Nation’s largest ongoing household surveys) provides statistics and other data about
how many rapes, sexual assaults, robberies, assaults, thefts, household burglaries, and motor vehicle thefts U.S. residents age 12 or older experience each year. That data, those statistics, all those numbers, are talking about people just like you and me who have gone through something they probably thought would never happen to them – something that only happens to other people… not them. Let me be clear, you are a potential victim. You are a target. Your home and belongings and your person are at risk every day.

No, I am not trying to instill paranoia or anxiety in you. I am simply helping you understand the fact that there are people out there who do not have your best interests in mind, and might in fact have something quite unpleasant in store and are waiting for an opportune moment to put their plan into action. Do not give them that opportunity!

I subscribe to a set of personal security standards which I have expanded and strengthened over the years, partly due to life experiences, partly due to my criminal justice studies, and partly due to my training in the military. I have done my best to share
these easy security tips with friends, family, and colleagues and now I’m sharing them with you.

The goal is to make your home and your person a hard target so as to become less vulnerable and consequently less attractive to career criminals as well as criminal opportunists. The idea is that if the “prize” is not worth the risk, the bad guys will move on and look for something easier. To some degree, each choice you make and action
you take either increases or decreases your level of security. That being understood, here are some rather easy things you can do to help increase your level of security.

home security light can improve your house a better state


Keep your porch light on all night and have motion sensing lighting (or continuous lighting) at other points around the house such as corners where a flood light can illuminate two sides at once. I cannot emphasize this point enough. The cost to benefit ratio falls heavily on the side of benefits. In other words, the increased electrical bill is a
small price to pay for the increased amount of security it affords.

doors secure problems


Make sure your outside doors have deadbolts and use them. If you don’t have them installed, Call a reputable local locksmith and get a quote, Keep doors locked even during the day. It’s surprising how many crimes are committed each year where the perpetrator did not have to force his or her way into the house.

window secure problems


Keep windows locked/latched when unattended, including at night while you are sleeping. It’s also not a bad idea to get shrubbery trim back hedges or trees that obscure your view outside or where someone could hide along walkways or against the building while attempting entry through a window or door.

Get to know your neighbors. It will be more difficult for a criminal to gain entry to your home under false pretenses if you have a neighbor that knows when you are away and can recognize unusual activity such as unknown persons entering/exiting your home, or
a moving van sitting in your driveway when they know you aren’t moving.



Pull your car into the garage if you have one and keep the garage door closed and locked. This will prevent passersby from seeing anything you have worth stealing in the garage area and prevent or delay access should they attempt entry. Even more importantly, most garages have a connecting door to the home which should be locked but is often left unsecured. This is unfortunate since some garage doors are easily opened and an unlocked interior door grants easy access to the home and people inside it!

If your car keys are stolen at home, Call a car locksmith to make you new replacement car keys and make sure that he preform re-keying to the car door locks and ignition cylinder to prevent the thief to open your car and start it with the old key. A locksmith can change the immobilizer coding with a special diagnostic tool for car keys.



Invest in a professional security system if you have the money and be sure to place the decals in prominent locations (instructions on where to place decals will usually be provided with the security system literature). If you don’t have the money, simply placing
decals indicating your home is protected by a security system will make a potential intruder think twice before breaking and entering.

Installing a closed circuit camera system can be a great criminal deterrent as well. As with the security system, if cost is a problem, even a dummy system will help increase your home security without much money out of pocket.

Another inexpensive alternative to a professional security system is to buy and install magnetic window and door alarms. They can be purchased online or at many hardware stores for very reasonable prices. The mechanism is very simple – install batteries then
turn it on and whenever the window or door is opened an alarm sounds. This will alert you to unauthorized entry and might be just enough to scare away the intruder.



Be attentive. Observe your neighborhood and learn what is normal so you can better detect something that may be out of place. Report any suspicious activity to the professionals (i.e. the police) – do not go out and investigate for yourself.

Join the neighborhood watch and post neighborhood watch signs in conspicuous locations around your property.

Increasing your home security level will not only help deter the monetary, emotional, and physical costs associated with becoming a victim of criminal activity; you will also enjoy an enhanced sense of well being from knowing you have done what you can to protect
your home and family from those who would do them harm if given the opportunity.

Remember – make yourself a hard target for criminals. Don’t become a victim. Don’t become a statistic.

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